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Who We Are?

pokoko Studio is a Berlin based games studio founded in 2014.   We build free to play casual/mid-core mobile games with remarkable vibrant worlds and iconic characters. 



The Team

We believe that great games are build best in small dynamic teams,  where all members share the same vision.



André Hornung

André is a passionate game designer with twelve years of experience in arcade and social games. As a product manager, he already built more than twenty successful games reaching more then 10 million players.

Philipp Brömme

Philipp is an experienced Designer and Illustrator with more than eight years of professional experience in the game and advertising industry working for Google, MTV, Red Bull and various other global brands.

Benjamin Sauder

Two essential skills in one person: As experienced designer and unity programmer Benjamin has a sense for fun games. With seven years of experience, he quickly became a core member.


Benjamin Schulz

Our 2nd Benjamin is the newest member of the crew. In the last twelve years he worked on more than 18 projects on diverse gaming platforms, with a strong focus on multiplayer game servers for mobile.



The pokoko DNA

  • Mobile: We build games for everybody, so we reach a mass market and not a niche.
  • Free 2 Play: We build games where  people enjoy spending  money a lot of times.
  • Progression Layer:  We build games that are played for years and not for short term.
  • IP: We build games with strong IPs through outstanding vibrant worlds.
  • Love: We build games that we  love ourselves.