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How do I spend my coins effectively?

There is no clear best way. However:

  • Don't upgrade things you do barely use

  • Don't just upgrade your Dinos! Also upgrading Shots and unlocking specials is very important.

  • The little green numbers next to arrows indicate how much you level up something

  • Upgrading only one particular thing can be ineffective as the prices raise with every upgrade level


How do I make use of the Hidden Bomb and the Bomb Bundle?

Both will be placed on the ground in the level once you bought them in the Upgrade shop. Once you see them in your level, you can to shot on them with any shot. Once you hit it with a shot, it will explode and harm caveman nearby.


Some fire caveman will always destroy all of my dinosaurs!

With their torches the fire caveman can defeat Dino's with just one hit. But the Ice Shot is an effective weapon against them. Once you hit a fire caveman with ice, he torch will be extinguished and he becomes much weaker.


What is Rambo good for?

Rambo will not survive very long, but he can be very strong against particular caveman:

  • He can run down a front shielded caveman, no other Dino can harm this one.

  • He can overturn fire caveman without getting harmed by them.

  • Also groups of speer caveman can be taken out effectively with Rambo

Eventually Rambo doesn't really care about the attack of caveman, just of their health. That's why he is best used on caveman with strong attack and weak health.


Why should I upgrade the apple tree?

On the right site of our apple counter is a button that lets you upgrade the apple tree. The first upgrade cost 30 apples. Doing this will make you gain apples much faster. Thus this is one of the most important strategies in the game. Upgrading you apple tree early means that you will earn more apple in total in the game. In fact, the best strategy is to defend the caveman as long as you can only with shots and use apple to upgrade the tree. With a fully upgrade apple tree, you'll be able to deploy way more Dino's in the late game.


I unlocked a Hidden Bomb, Bush, Poison Trap, Egg Protection or Apple Boost. Where is it?

Unlocking those “Specials” means that you're now able to get them for coins in the Upgrade shop. You'll have to go to the Upgrade shop, press the “Special” Tab and buy the Special that you want to have.


Why do my Spitties die so fast?

While Spitties neat green balls do a lot of damage to caveman, he is not very well tanked. The right way to use Spitty is together in a group with raptors and Tricers. A Tricer will always move to the very front of the battle and take the damage, so that Spitty is able to blast.


The disguised caveman always destroy my egg!

Dinosaurs can not attack the disguised cavemen. You'll have to do that with you shots. Bombs and Hunks are quit effective. Once disguised cavemen show up, only focus on them with you shooting. If this is not enough think about upgrading your egg.


How can I get new Mega Balls, Blizzards or Meteor Storms?

Those boosters are quite unique and once you unlock them, you can make of it each 3 times.
But from time to time you'll be able to collect some of them during the games. Also you can earn some in daily quests.

If you are out of Mega Balls, Blizzards or Meteor Storms you can simply press the buttons on the top right corner in the game. You can recharge for Diamonds here.


What are Diamonds for?

Diamonds are great for many cases:

  • You can unlock new islands immediately

  • You can buy Mega Balls, Meteor Storms and Blizzards

  • You can unlock and upgrade Premium Dinosaurs like T-Rex Jr. or Rocky

  • You can get new lives

  • You can buy a lot if other neat things in the upgrade shop


How can I unlock the next island?

You have three ways to unlock new islands:

  1. Ask your Facebook friends for help. You need to get help from three friends

  2. get access for Diamonds.

  3. Simply wait 3 days until the Dino's could pull down the barricade


How can I disconnect from Facebook?

In the main menu screen you can find a settings button. A popup with a “disconnect” button will open.


How can I request a life from my friends?

On the map screen, tap the “+” icon next to the hearts.. Here you can see a “Ask friends” button. After connecting with Facebook, you can select Facebook friends to ask them for lives.


Can I harm my own Dinosaurs with my shots?

No Worries! All Dino's are will protected against shots and no matter where you drop them, no Dinosaur will be harmed.